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Information Security Consultants is a veteran owned and operated, full service IT consulting firm. Our goal is to provide you with world class service and a wide range of custom solutions to your computing needs. With over 20 years experience serving the small to medium business community, we are confident that we can tailor a solution to meet all of your business needs.

Many small businesses rely on a "jack of all trades" employee for their computer needs. While this person may be a good fit for basic computer maintenance, are you willing to risk your data and the data that your customers entrust to you to someone without the skills to ensure that your network is secure?

We are a vendor neutral company and are not tied to specific brands of hardware or software. Therefore, we are able to offer you a solution that best fits how YOU do business instead of trying to fit your business into a canned package. Contrary to the current trend, our services are never outsourced overseas or to a third party.

.: The Threats

Where are the threats to your data? Many people believe that a good anti-virus program is the only solution that they need. This is far from an accurate assessment. If you have employees, they can be the biggest threat to your data. You already entrust them with access to your most sensitive information in the course of performing their jobs. So it would be a simple matter for that data to leave when your employee leaves at the end of the day.

If your network is exposed to the Internet, then the threat level increases dramatically. Viruses and trojans abound on the Internet and a simple error by an employee can expose your company to all types of malware. Programs are available for little or no cost that will probe your network looking for that one hole that has not been patched as a gateway to the rest of your systems. The lifespan of an unprotected computer attached to the Internet is measured in minutes before it is compromised.



.: Data Breach Costs

The Ponemon Institute now places the cost of a data breach at $208 per record. These "hard costs" include legal defense, credit monitoring and remediation efforts to plug the hole that exposed that data to begin with. Along with the hard costs, immeasurable costs such as the loss of customer trust in a company can dramatically impact your bottom line.

Federal and state governements have stepped in to increase regulatory requirements for securing data as well as reporting breaches. This regulatory maze is constantly shifting and difficult to navigate to make sure that you are compliant.

Here at Infosec Consultants, we have the experience necessary to secure your data and ensure compliance with those regulations that impact your business. We provide a complete solution to ensure that your data is secure.


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